• Create a public resource/pool of easily accessible knowledge and information on a wide variety of topics relevant to the Caribbean region’s long-term growth and development. In addition to real time broadcast on both cable and Internet platforms, the project will create a large digital repository of video content available on demand to anyone around the world with Internet connectivity.
  • Create opportunities for training and employment of young talent in media arts and sciences including graduates of UWI’s Caribbean Institute of Media and Communications (CARIMAC).
  • Provide a platform to expose the creative abilities of the Caribbean’s videographers, video editors and producers.
  • Expose and share with the publics of the Caribbean the myriad daily activities that occur on the four campuses of the UWI, from public lectures to cultural and sporting events.
  • Re-package, re-purpose and distribute the deep and broad range of historical video material currently housed in the university’s archives.
  • Build a robust technical infrastructure in 2017 with the goal to begin delivering academic courses across the Caribbean and the world in 2018 via cable television.
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