Development Plan

The ultimate financial objective is to grow the project over the next few years into a self-sustaining enterprise with a robust revenue stream generated by programme sponsorships and by TV and digital advertising from both the public and private sectors in the Caribbean region and also from the Caribbean diaspora’s entrepreneurial sectors.

Short Term Project Needs:

Retrofit an identified space of approximately 211.4 square metres in the Regional Headquarters to house a modern recording and broadcast studio with video editing work stations.

Medium Term Project Needs:

In the medium term, the UWI-TV project will grow and expand its C-Span-type model of educational television to service the entire Caribbean region. The objective will be to foster and stimulate a high degree of civic engagement and consistent democratic participation by the citizenry of the region. UWI-TV will anchor and drive a new Caribbean public broadcasting service that did not hitherto exist.

This model will be consolidated in 2017 and will be expanded in 2018 (the 70th anniversary of the UWI) into a cable-based platform for the delivery of academic courses into homes and offices across the region using the television medium. This use of video technologies to deliver teaching and learning services will complement the existing Open Campus model of teaching via the Internet. This innovative approach to delivering academic services (which has been very successful in Britain) will enhance access to tertiary education for Caribbean people and will considerably reduce the cost of a UWI degree.

In partnering with the Caribbean Development Bank on these projects the UWI will contribute enormously to our common goal of strengthening regional institutions and making them resilient and sustainable for the long term.  Through this multimedia service, the UWI will enhance its ongoing mission to inform, educate, inspire and express the rich cultural and intellectual diversity of Caribbean civilisation.

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